Educational Development Program - Fast Track Program

The Fast Track Program is a division of the Alpha Omega Program.  It is designed to help students who are academically behind to fast track to proper grade placement.  This program is for students entering into the 9th and 10th grade only.  It is an in-house, independent study program with an onsite teacher to tutor and assist students in all major subjects.  Credits can be earned by student assignment and classroom performance.  Students can earn 1 credit from any major subject. 

A freshman student would start his or her sophomore year in January of 2010, basically completing the freshman year in four months.  This is the track this student should stay on.  Do not deviate.  If a student has taken one of these courses, do not replace with another class.  This program is for 9th and 10th grade John McKay Recipients.  It not designed for early graduation, and a student may only enter the program one time.

Freshman Courses                             Sophomore Courses

English I                                               English II

Algebra I                                              Geometry

Geography                                           World History

Physical Science                                   Biology

As a freshman, a student must at least be one year behind.  As a sophomore, the student must be at least 2-3 credits behind.  Students can only receive the core classes needed to be on track.  Students will be dismissed from the program and the teacher will be reprimanded if found taking classes other than those set by the guidance counselor. 

An academic and attendance contract is required for this program.  Parents and students are required to meet with the staff (principal, guidance counselor, Pastor, & CEO). 

If a student is expelled from the school, he or she may only receive ½ a credit for each class.  They will be required to pay for the other credits. 

Entrance into the program must be approved by Pastor Richard Bishop or Dr. Ingrid Bishop.  11th and 12th grade students cannot enter this program.  They have the option of Mid-Evening School (which is from January to May) and Independent Study Summer School.  See administration for registration and fees.  Mid-Evening and Independent Study Summer School are designed to help a senior recover credits for graduation. 

Registration Fee is $250. 

Books & Materials $150.

Credit Fee $55

Fees are waived if student remains at Agape’ the following school year.  Otherwise, all fees must be paid unless waived by Pastor Bishop or Dr. Ingrid Bishop.