School Hours: 
(No Early Dismissal on Wednesdays)
K5 – 8th grade 8:00a.m. – 2:30p.m.
9th – 12th grade 8:00a.m. – 2:00p.m.

Philosophy of Agape’ Christian Schools
Agape’ Christian Schools believe that the home, church, and school all have a vital role in meeting the total needs of a child. The Agape’ Christian Schools’ responsibility is to re-enforce the Christian principles taught by the home and the church. The goal of Agape’ Christian Schools is to provide students with the personal knowledge of God, to teach them self discipline, to encourage them to do their best for God and to prepare them for:

A Meaningful Relationship with God.
To achieve academic excellence to further their studies if they so choose.
Developing character and integrity to make a positive contribution to society.
An appreciation for their family by showing respect.
Maintaining strong moral convictions in social relationships, & standing for what is right.
Developing, maintaining friendships, and sustaining them.
An understanding of the next steps of God’s purpose for their life.
Instilling in each student, a genuine love for America.

Agape’ Christian Schools is affiliated with the Florida Coalition of Christian Private Schools Accreditation (FCCPSA) and the American Association of Christian Schools. Agape’ Christian Schools have a well-rounded academic, social, physical, and spiritual program.

Admission Policy
Agape’ Christian Schools admits students of any race, color, national and ethnic, and extends all the rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded or made available to students at the school. We will not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin in the administration of our educational and admission policies nor in our scholarship, athletic, or other programs. We reserve the right to dismiss any student for continuous behavioral conduct that is not conducive to our school policy regarding discipline and academic performance.

Parents may register their children at the school office between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Registrations will be accepted on a first come, first serve basis. Once a student is enrolled, there are no refunds on registration or book fees. If a class is filled, the parents may still pay registration fees and be placed on a waiting list. The registration fees in such cases will be refundable if no openings are available. Those who do not make the first payment on the date it is due, will be dropped from the rolls and their places will be filled from the waiting list

Tuition Fees and Policies
Tuition is based on a yearly fee and is paid on a ten-month payment plan. All tuition payments are due on the 1st of the month beginning August 1st with the last payment being May 1st. A fee of $30.00 will be assessed on any returned checks. After two returned checks, we will require cash or money order as the form of payment. When an account falls a month (30 days) in arrears, the student will not be admitted to the classroom until the account is brought current and a late fee of $30.00 is paid. All previous fees must be paid in full by the 1st day of a new academic school year. Re-enrollments will not be finalized if a previous years’ balance remains and could result in the students being placed on the registration waiting list for the new school year.

No official school records will be released, including report cards, transcripts and diplomas when an account is in arrears. When a student withdraws from school, all balances due must be paid in full before records are released. This includes graduation cap and gown, and any honor awards. Any payments received after the 10th of the month must be in the form of certified funds only i.e.: Cash or Money order. Agape’ Christian School operates entirely from tuition and fees.

Athletic Fee(s) are accessed to all students for each sport he/she participates in. The Athletic fee is due upon registration for that particular sport. Student will be responsible for the replacement cost of any uniform lost or stolen in his/her possession.

All payments received for tuition, books, registration or school activity are Non Refundable in all situations, i.e. parental choice, suspension, leave, etc.

Academic Honors
There are Award Programs at the end of each marking period.
    1. Principals Award (all A’s)
    2. A / B Honor roll
End of Year Program consists of the above awards plus any other awards such as, Athletic, Perfect Attendance, Citizenship, Teacher awards and incentives, and Diplomas.

Agape’ Christian Schools use the ABeka Curriculum and other support curriculum as needed. Phonics, reading, spelling, writing, English and mathematics are taught in K5 through 8th grades. Science and History are added in grades first through high school. In the middle and high school, an emphasis is on language arts and math, with more concentration in science, history, geography, Bible, and specialty subjects. Agape’ Bridge to Excellence Program

The Agape’ Bridge to Excellence Program is designed to help middle school students transition into high school. The program operates in hopes of building a solid background for the student to help them be successful in high school. The program also seeks to help students to build their self-confidence and self-assurance. Students will be able to earn half a credit towards high school graduation. They must complete their freshman year at Agape’ Christian High School in order to receive the half credit. They will be enrolled in courses necessary for graduation such as H.O.P.E., electives, or performing arts classes. In order to experience the full results, a student must continue in the program for two years. It is necessary to give the educational development program the opportunity to help the student. Students are required to complete the given coursework, participate in class, and be graded according to the school’s grading system. Parents are responsible for the high school book fee and the difference in the middle school and high school tuition.

The Leap Program
The Leap Program is the 2nd component of the Bridge to Excellence Program. The Leap Program is an academic study program that offers students the opportunity to recover from past setbacks. This program is the perfect way for them to earn credits that can be applied towards graduation requirements. The program works hand in hand with the summer school and independent study programs. The Leap Program will help build students’ confidence and motivate them to academic achievement. Students must be recommended by their teacher and approved by the principal and founders to be eligible to participate in the program.

Agape’ Christian Academy Competitive Sports Program
Agape Christian Academy offers a very fine athletic program where we instill the values of competing in competitive sports as well as in life endeavors. The heart and soul of our success is based on 1) Confidence; 2) Courage; 3) Correction; and 4) Commitment with Christ in the forefront. We compete in basketball, football, baseball, track & field, volleyball, and girl’s softball. Please note there are fees associated with each sport.

*Athletic Fees (Per Sport)
    Girls Basketball$ 60.00 
    Boys Basketball$ 70.00
    Football $ 70.00
    Track & Field $ 60.00  
    Volleyball$ 60.00
    Baseball$ 70.00
    Cheerleader$ 50.00
    Band$ 60.00 
    (Use of Marching Band Uniform) 

​Bible Studies
Religion is a course that is required for graduation and must pass in order to be promoted to the next grade. In order to keep the Christian ethics for our students we require one Sunday out of the month to attend Agape’ Assembly Youth Church or they are to be active in their own church. Please give a letter from the pastor on church letterhead to show they are active participants.

All students will be required to take the Agape’ Biblical Christian Constitution Test annually. Grades 5th thru 8th will consist of 100 questions. Grades 9th thru 12th will consist of 150 questions.
All students will be required to have a Bible and Bible Dictionary.

Alpha Omega Program
The Alpha Omega Program is an exciting Level I program designed to motivate students to learn at their level. Helping students to prefect skills which caused them some difficulties in the past. The Alpha Omega Program utilizes a modified curriculum to help successfully raise their academic achievements. This program also consists of committed teachers, counselors and educational therapists.

Agape Educational Development Program (AEDP)
The Agape Educational Development Program is a Level II extension of our Alpha Omega Level I Program. This program was designed with the student’s best interest in mind by catering to children with health and educational challenges. It will start at a child’s lowest point and we will modify a program for each individual child. Each student should have an “Individual Assessment Plan” tailored to their individual needs. This is an intensified counseling, tutoring, and educational program. The program has been an effective tool in developing many John McKay scholarship students.

Above Average to Honor Program
Our Above average and honor students will use the ABEKA Curriculum. The ABEKA curriculum is an accelerated program that keeps student’s performance at their proper grade level by performing above average in al basic subjects.

Students that perform at the average level will be challenge to perform at a higher level.

Agape’ Dual Enrollment Programs
Agape Christian Academy offers on-site college prep oratory classes in ALL major subjects. Our Dual Enrollment program is a partnership with Valencia Communication College and Orlando Vocational Schools through the Academy Construction & Technology (ACT.

The Einstein Program recognizes the need to challenge students academically by raising the academic standards. It is a highly accelerated educational program that does not allow students that progress above average to be held back academically. Students may be promoted based upon their testing and academic performance.

Extracurricular Activities

Bible: Each day the teacher will present a lesson from God’s word. Chapel is held once a week.
Field Trips: Students MUST wear school P.E. Shirts on ALL field trips.
Library: All students are encouraged to visit the library and check out books.
Athletics and P.E.: Students are taught physical fitness and competitive sports available in the intermediate through upper grades.
Home Economic: Teaching students in the preparation of basic cooking, tailoring, fashion design, and basic care of clothing.
Science Fair: All students participate in the Science Fair by entering an experiment for display. There will be a grade for participation.
Elementary—Basic computer skills are taught
Middle and High School—Understanding the main computer parts, terms, the utilization of common software, and mastering the keyboard.

Report Cards
There will be a mandatory parent-teacher conference scheduled for each marking period. Classes will be dismissed at 11:00 and the conferences will be scheduled from 11:30 a.m. until 6:30 p.m. The scheduling will be every fifteen (15) minutes for parents to discuss their child’s progress. The parent will personally receive a copy of the student’s report card. If for any reason the parent is unable to schedule a conference, please notify the office and the teacher will make arrangements to re-schedule.

Grading Scale  
Grade    Percentage Grade        Conduct Mark
A            100-90                  Outstanding - O
B            89-80                    Good - G
C            79-70                    Satisfactory - S
D            69-60                    Needs Improvement - N
F            59-0                      Unsatisfactory - U

Homework is an integral part of the student’s educational process. Everything cannot be learned in the time allotted for each class; therefore it is necessary for a student to do work beyond class time. No Wednesday homework.

Attendance Policies
We discourage any absence from class other than those that are absolutely necessary. All work missed due to absence must be made up. Florida Statue 232.09 states “only absences due to sickness, injury, or insurmountable family emergencies qualify as exceptions”. Absences due to injury or sickness will be excused when accompanied by a doctor’s medical excuse form, which must be brought to the school office. Any absences due to a family emergency or pre-arranged absence are permitted under certain circumstances by approval of the administration. Students who are absent more than 20 days are subject to retention and/or may be dropped from the school role. Students absent for more than 30-days for medical and unexcused absences combined must attend summer school. The administration reserves the right to determine if an absence is excused or unexcused. Absent excuses must be presented at the time the student returns or the absence will be deemed unexcused within two (2) days of the absence. If a student is absent more than 5 consecutive days, a medical excuse will be required.

Absences – Students with twenty (20) or more unexcused absences in the school year are subject to dismissal.
Absences due to injury or sickness must be verified with a signed doctor’s release form.
Family emergency absences are excusable when student’s parent/guardian submit a “Family Emergency Absences Form”. Failure to do so will have absences applied toward (20) or more absence rule.
All work missed due to absences can be made up when absences are excused. Unexcused absences are allowed make up work at the discretion of the teacher.
Please not Florida Statue 232.09 for exceptions.

Tardy - Students are considered tardy to a class if they are not in their seats in the classroom when the bell rings. The administration reserves the right to determine if a tardy is excused or unexcused. Every three (3) tardy will equal one (1) absent. If administration deems that excessive tardiness does not allow for appropriate classroom participation, a student may be retained if not present for 80% of the class time. Elementary and Academy students will be required to attend summer school for promotion if they are excessively tardy and/or leave without medical or legal excuses. Excuses must be presented at time immediately following the absence or prior to the appointment.
Tardiness will be monitored throughout the day.
Students who are tardy to school will be given an excused or unexcused pass to class through the Dean’s office.
Unexcused tardy bring the following level of consequences:
    1st Offense – Verbal Warning
    2nd Offense – Parent Contacted for conference by Dean
    3rd Offense – Saturday School (Fee Charged) and/or a 3-day Suspension
    4th Offense – 5-days Suspension and/or Boot Camp

Further tardiness consequences could lead to five to ten day’s suspension. The last level of tardiness consequences are recommended for boot camp and/or expulsion from school. The administration reserves the right to determine if a tardy is excused or unexcused.

Skipping – Students who are verified as skipping shall have the following level of consequences. Skipping includes school and or class:
    1st Offense – Parent Contact by Dean
    2nd Offense – Saturday School or 5-day Suspension
    3rd Offense – Five to Ten Days Suspension at the Dean’s Discretion
    4th Offense – Boot Camp (Fee Charged) or Explosion.

Early Dismissal From School – Students who must leave early from school must follow this procedure.
Parents must contact the office via phone or with notice giving permission for student’s early dismissal.
Parent must sign out students in the Dean’s Office when they are picked up.
Students who are approved for dismissal with other means of transportation will have to sign themselves out with time of departure and parent(s) phone numbers.

Agape is a Christian based school and we believe in abstinence. Therefore we will not allow any pregnant student on campus. If a student is found pregnant, the student will be dismissed. No fees will be refunded and No records will be given until all balances are paid. Student will not participate in any school activities and will be dismissed from Agape’. Parents will be contacted for administrative intent. A parent conference shall be called as soon as possible to determine if law enforcement is deemed necessary.

Hair Code - Hair shall be neatly cut, and not touch the eyebrows in the front. Boys are not allowed to wear ponytails, braid, dreads, twists, or large Afros. Extreme haircuts or styles are not acceptable. This includes fades, coloring of the hair, and earrings on boys. Girls are not allowed to wear large earrings or bracelets, tongue, eyebrow, or noise piercing, loud colorings of the hair, and no gaudy nail polish or excessive jewelry.

Dress Code -School uniforms are mandatory and are to be worn while in class and on campus.
School uniform blouse tucked in skirt 
 Plaid dress (K3-4) 
 Plaid jumper (K5-5 th ) (yellow blouse or polo) 
 Plaid skort (6 th-12 th ) 
 Uniform shirts must be purchased at Sunshine Uniform. No handmade shirts. 
 Polo shirt with school emblem Hunter Green Shirt—(K5-8 th ) 
 Polo shirt with school emblem Gold Shirt (9 th-12 th ) 
 Socks or hose (ankle socks for boys and girls) 
 Solid Black Shoes or black sneakers (No high heels, No Designs or Other Colors) 
 Navy Blue or Black Socks (ankle) & White Athletic Socks – No Designs or colors on socks!  
 Girls (K5-12 th grades) Navy slacks  
 Only White T-shirts can be worn or visible under school uniform. 
 No necklace or chains are to be worn outside the uniform shirts. 
 No head coverings (such as handkerchiefs or bandanas) 
 Hair: No Twists, No Dread Locks, & NO Colored Hair  
--Hair color must be your own natural color 

​ School uniform shirt tucked in pants 
 Uniform Navy pants with Black Belts (ALL Grades) 
 Solid black dress shoes/ black sneakers (No Designs or other colors) 
 Navy Blue or Black Socks (ankle) & White Athletic Socks – No Designs or colors on socks!  
 No hats or head coverings 
 Uniform shirts must be purchased at Sunshine Uniform. No handmade shirts. 
 Black Shoes – solid Black Shoes Only 
 Belts are mandatory daily or student will be sent home. 
 No necklace or chains are to be worn outside the uniform shirts. 
 No earrings to be worn by boys 
 No hooded jackets or sweaters allowed ON CAMPUS at all! 
 Do not wear long sleeve shirts under uniforms or any shirt. 
 Only White T-shirts can be worn or visible under school uniform. 
 Hair: No Twists, No Dread Locks, & NO Colored Hair  
--Hair color must be your own natural color 

All Students (Boys & Girls)
No oversized pants that are larger than a student’s waist size within reason will be accepted. Violation of this policy will result in a 3-day suspension.
Pants must not sag or be pulled down. Do not blouse uniform shirts. Shirts must be tucked in neatly. A second offense of dress code violations could result in expulsion.
No Jackets are allowed in school building/Classrooms unless it is the Agape school Approved Logo Jacket.
Uniforms must be worn properly weather the student is on or off campus—to and from school. While in uniform you are still representing the school.
All Male athletes competing on game days must wear shirt and ties on day or will not play or participate.

    1st Offense – Verbal warning with parent notification, parents will be allowed to bring appropriate clothing to satisfy                         dress code. Students will be detained at Dean’s discretion.
    2nd Offense – Saturday School (Fee Charged)
    3rd Offense – Five Days Suspension
    4th Offense – Boot Camp (Fee Charged) and/or Expulsion

Parent Behavior
Any parent behaving un-seemingly disrespectful, threatening the staff, or causing commotion will be asked to leave and/or we reserve the right to involve law enforcement.
Parents please dress modest when picking up or dropping off children.
Please refrain from loud noises while picking/dropping off students on the campus.
Parents – Please show respect by refraining from smoking on the campus (in your cars).

Boot Camp
Boot Camp is an option afforded students as a last result before final dismissal (expulsion) from our school. The cost for this Boot Camp is $________. Our Boot Camp procedure is as follows:
Contact parent/guardian explaining the situation pending.
Student shall be immediately suspended until completion of Boot Camp and/or the concern issue is resolved.
Students suspended shall not be able to receive class work. Students will receive a zero for each suspended day.
Parents must complete all related paperwork for Boot Camp and pay the required Boot Camp fee by Wednesday before to the scheduled Boot Camp.
Students who successfully complete Boot Camp must attend their follow-up-sessions after school the following week. These sessions include problem solving issues and personal reflections.

In-School Suspension
This suspension (in-school) is only administered only under extreme circumstances. The school shall adhere to the discipline policies as stated. A fine of $50.00 will be accessed, and must be paid at time of suspension

Expulsion Policy
We reserve the right to dismiss any student for the following reasons:
Fighting with the intent to cause bodily harm
Any weapons on campus of any sort…i.e. knives, guns, hammers, etc.
Abusive disrespect to teacher and other school officials
Violation of school policies and rules
Defacing and destroying School property
Leaving the Campus Unauthorized
Anything the administration deems inexcusable or unacceptable behavior.
Any illegal substance or gang-related activity to include any contraband.
If we receive any evidence related to or involving the recruitment or participation in gang activities.
Any student that is apart of any street gang or recruitment activity (male or female) will be expelled.
Any student responsible for bringing another student(s) on around the campus, including the bus stops, to do bodily harm will receive the appropriate punishment up to and including an expulsion.
Any student responsible for in sighting a riot or who brings others on the campus to hinder student from reaching the bus stop(s) or walking home will be suspended for a minimum of one (1) week up to an Expulsion for in sighting a riot.

Saturday School
Saturday School serves as another form of suspension or determent of suspension for student disobedience to school policies. Saturday School is a level 2 on our discipline chart.
Students who attend Saturday School will be subject to further consequences of our discipline chart.
Students will come to school on Saturday in uniform from 7:30a.m. – 12:30p.m
Students not in their seats at 7:35a.m. are considered absent
Absent students shall be up for immediate explosion. Exceptions are verified death and/or sickness
A $250.00 fee will be assessed for Saturday School.

Truancy Program – See Attached Truancy Guidelines

Student Drivers
Student drivers must complete the permission application and provide the necessary documents before driving a car onto the campus. Student who violates the driver’s policy the 1st Offense- Warning, 2nd Offense will be given a 5-day suspension, 3rd Offense 10-day suspension, 4th Notice Lost of Driving Privileges on the Campus an/or Expulsion & vehicle subject to TOWING. This is a serious violation, because of the liability issues. Student could be involved in an accident and may or may not have the appropriate insurance or diver’s license--which puts both the school and students in jeopardy.

Detention requires a student to remain after school for a minimum of one hour (1). The parent will receive a detention notice the day before detention is to be served. The notice is to be signed and returned the following day. The school will follow up the notice with a telephone call from the office. It will be the parent’s responsibility to provide transportation home for their students. If a detention cannot be served on the assigned day and there is a valid reason, the parent must send in a written notice to the assigned teacher to make arrangements to serve it on another day.

Behavior Resulting in Receiving Detention
Coming to class without permission, textbooks, etc. after warning.
Being tardy to class three (3) times. The 4th tardy will result in detention.
Excessive talking (teacher discretion).
Failure to comply with the school dress code.
Failure to comply with the hair/dress code. They will be suspended until the violation is corrected
*Unauthorized eating, drinking, or gum chewing on campus.
*The use of profanity, lying, immodesty, rudeness, or other acts of indiscretion.
Disrespect for authority.
  * Go Once Offenses

Fighting, use of drugs, theft, and destruction of property or any serious infraction could result in more severe punishment including suspension or expulsion.

Any student suspended for any length of time shall not be able to receive class work. Each day suspended, students will receive zero for missed class work due to suspension.

Off-Campus Suspension
Parents of students who have been suspended from school are urged to cooperate with the school in making this experience beneficial to both the student and the school. It is not a vacation. When suspended from school, the student may be placed on disciplinary probation by the administration for a nine-week period. The student will automatically receive a zero for any class assignment missed due to suspension. An off-campus suspension is a drastic measure to let the student and his parents know that he is on the verge of dismissal unless positive and consistent change is evident in his/her behavior. A disciplinary probation will result when student returns for a 9 week period.

Discipline Note: Please note that all Consequences may vary from the academy to High School depending on the offense, situation, and/or circumstances surrounding the student being disciplined. However, all students will be dealt with fairly.

Special Departments and Program
Pre-School—Agape’ provides a complete pre-school programs for three (3) and four (4) year olds. The hours for pre-school children are 6 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Extended care program provides supervision before and after school. Elementary hours are 6:00 a.m. –8:30 a.m. (before school) and 3:15-6:00 p.m. (after school).
Late fees will apply upon arrival for pickups after 6:00 p.m.
Extended care Payments must be paid in advance and paid weekly.

Textbooks and Library Books
The school through a book rental fee supplies all textbooks and workbooks. The students supply other materials such as the King James Bible, paper, pencils, agendas, and notebooks. A supply list will be furnished for each grade at the beginning of the school year. In case of lost or damaged textbooks, workbooks, or library books, the student will be billed for the total price of the repair or replacement.

Lunch Program
Students are allowed to bring their own lunches. Drinks and snacks may be purchased to compliment their lunches. Currently other options are being considered and will be announced later.

Withdrawals must be conducted through the school office. The proper withdrawal form must be completed and signed by the parent or guardian. All books, including library books, must be turned in at the time of withdrawal. A parent will be charged for any books that are not turned in at that time. All tuition and fees are non-refundable and all fees owed to the school must be paid before the release of student record.

Any faculty tutoring students on Agape’ premises must get approval from the office and must tutor in a designated area. Male staff must have written permission to tutor student. 

Aftercare is a service provided for the parent to have accommodations for their children after the normal school day ends. We find it necessary that the parents make their payments in advance for the service for the week. If assistance is needed to make payment, please contact the school office to make arrangements for delayed payment. An aftercare application must be on file with the aftercare department head.

Summer School 
Students who do not meet the necessary academic requirements may be asked to attend summer school. Summer school is for a designated period of time. High School and Academy students attending summer school are only allowed one (1) day absent. Any additional absences will result in the student being dropped from the summer program/and or retained. Not all scholarships will pay for summer school; in such cases, the parent(s) will be responsible for the summer school cost.

Telephone Use
In case of emergency, with permission, students may use the telephone in the office. It is not to be used for play or foolishness.

Volunteers Program
There are many non-teaching opportunities in the classroom which can be done effectively by someone other than the teacher. Please check with the office.

Student Insurance
It is the parents’ responsibility to ensure that their child is covered by insurance.

Law Enforcement
Law enforcement shall be called when it is deemed imminent danger is present. Teachers, students and other Agape’ officials who feel threaten by parents, students and other external forces reserve the right to call law enforcement.

Weapons and drugs on campus will be reported to law enforcement. Students who are reported are subject to explosion. The expulsion policy will be applied. Upon suspect of drugs and weapons on campus, law enforcement could be called to help with school’s search and seizure. Students under suspension shall have their lockers, book bags, and person checked for drugs and or weapons. Parents shall be notified when it’s deemed necessary to execute this policy. We also reserve the right to expel the student under suspension.

Stealing – Any student caught stealing on campus or off campus from any neighboring facility will receive a 3-day suspension up to an expulsion. The Police will be called and charges will be pressed.

All other violations or infractions i.e. profanity, classroom disruption and other acts of indiscretions follow:
1st Offense – Verbal Warning
2nd Offense – Parent Conference with Dean
3rd Offense – Saturday School (Fee Charged)
4th Offense – Suspension
5th Offense – Boot Camp (Fee Charged)
6th Offense - Expulsion

Cell Phones
Cells phones are and can be a problem at school. To minimize problems students can use cell phones before and after school only. Cell phone must be turned OFF during school hours, this also include the lunch hour. Students who violate this policy will have their phone confiscated. Cell phones can be returned to students when parents meet with administration and a fifty-dollar assessment fee is paid. Students who’s phones are confiscated a second time shall have their phones stored until the end of the school year. The school will not be responsible for any lost or stolen phones once they have been confiscated. Cell phones should not be seen in the school building. Cell phones must be concealed and not visible before entering the building. No texting during school hours or ringing. Phones must be kept OFF during school hours. In the event of any emergencies, parents are to call the school office—No Exceptions!

No mace, stung gun, or any materials that will cause bodily harm to others or self allowed on campus. No weapons, knives, or guns are to be brought on school property. Hitting or fighting of teachers will result in immediate expulsion. If any of the aforementioned occurs, the police will be notified and the student will be expelled.

Communicable Disease Policy
Any student or employee with a communicable disease for which immunization is required by law or is available, shall be temporarily excluded from school while ill and during recognized periods while ill. This school reserves the right to make all final decisions necessary to enforce its communicable disease policy and to control the spread of communicable disease within the school.

Emergency Policy
In case of severe weather conditions, the school will announce its’ closing over local radio and television stations. If Orange County Schools are closed, Agape’ schools will be also.

Incident/ accident reports are filled out and sent home in the case of minor accidents. In the case of more serious incidents, the parents will be notified immediately.

Lost and Found
Articles lost or left around campus and in the buildings will be placed in a designated area. Every attempt will be made to locate the proper owner as soon as possible. All unclaimed items will be given to a charitable organization. We are not responsible for lost items.

The health department requires that all medicine be dispensed from the office. If your child is to take any prescription medication, cough medication, Tylenol, etc., the parent must bring the medicine to the office in its original container and fill out the required forms with instructions.

Parking and Pick-up
When dropping off and picking-up your child from school, please stay in line and move with the flow of traffic. If you need to speak with a teacher, even for a few seconds, please park. All students not picked up by 3:15 p.m. will be sent to extended care and all charges will apply.

Open House and Parent/Student Orientation
Open house is a time for parents to visit their child’s classroom and receive important information before school starts.

Classroom Behavior
1. Parent conferences are required when students interrupt teachers during class. 
2. Students are not to leave the room without permission from the teacher. A hall pass will be given to students when they need to leave the classroom. No running, loud talking, or noises in the hallways will be tolerated. Students are not allowed in the halls until fifteen (15) minutes before school and fifteen (15) minutes after school. 
3. Chewing gum is prohibited on campus. No food in the classrooms, except for authorized parties, snacks, or food-related classes with the teacher’s supervision. 
4. Desks and lockers should be kept in an orderly fashion. 
5. Students are not to talk during class without the teacher’s permission. 
6. Students are not to leave their seats without permission from the teacher. 
7. No toys will be allowed in the school without permission from the teacher. 
8. No knives, guns, play guns, or such “weapons” are to be brought to school. Any such devices will be confiscated. See discipline procedures. 
9. All students will show responsibility toward cleanliness in the classroom and students desk. 
10. Cheating on tests, assignments, or exams is considered a serious offense. The student found cheating will receive a “0” on that assignment and will be subject to further discipline.  
11. Students must show respect to the teacher and their peers. Profanity, slang, name-calling, lying, immodesty, rudeness, and other acts of indiscretion are not permitted. Students willfully behaving in an unseemly manner will be reported, disciplined, and suspended or expelled when necessary. 
12. No animals are allowed in the building at any time. 
13. No radios, tape recorders, electronic games, or any equipment may be brought to school without written permission from the teacher or administration. This includes school- sponsored trips or outings.  
14. Couples are to maintain a proper distance when on school property. No touching! 
15. Students are not to engage in any type of horseplay in the building or on the grounds. Refer to discipline procedures. 
16. Aggressive behavior toward staff members or any other student will result in a minimum of three (3) days suspension up to expulsion. 
17. Any student that is involved in any sports and school activities that displays aggressive behavior to any staff member, coach, officials, bus driver etc. on or off campus will result in a 3 day suspension up to expulsion. 
18. Any fines incurred by FHAA as the result of a student/athletic behavior will be passed on to the student/parent.  
19. Theft or destruction of school property will not be tolerated. Students who are found to be destructive to property other than his own will be asked to reimburse the school or the property owner for repairs or replacement. Student is subject to disciplinary action. The student cannot return until obligation has been paid. Possible suspension or expulsion may be in order. 
20. The school cannot be responsible for lost or stolen articles. 
21. Fighting and / or possession or use of any tobacco, drugs, or alcoholic beverages in the school or at any school function may result in expulsion. Students who display these behaviors or violate these procedures outside of school hours are subject to sever discipline and expulsion.  

Agape’ Christian Academy and High School foundation is based on God’s Word. Agape’ does not condone homosexuality (two people of the same sex) participating or attending any school function in public places or at any school function. No student will be allowed to cross dress. Males are not allowed to wear make-up, nails, or female attire. Females are not allowed to dress as men. Any type of homosexuality behavior of any sort will result in expulsion from school.

If a student is harmed in any manor by a fellow student, it will be the parents’ responsibility to assist the injured student/parents with medical expenses.

The school will not be liable for students injured due to their own negligence during sports competition/physical education. A medical waiver must be signed at the time of enrollment. Any student fined from the league due to misconduct, using profanity, fighting or any behavior issues, it will be the parent’s responsibility to pay the fine for the disruptive behavior.

Any student who steal or confiscate equipment, uniforms, or any sports material from Agape’ Christian Academy will be responsible for the replacement of items. Agape’ Christian Academy will be assigning uniforms & equipment at the beginning of the season. Student will be responsible if any item is lost or stolen. Please keep up with your assigned items.

All parents must show proof of insurance for their child, if parents do not have insurance, the school will give you information from a company that will provide insurance for your child while at school for a nominal fee. This must be paid on enrollment in order to insure your child’s safety.

Student Records
The office staff and the classroom teacher will only have access to the student records during operating hours.

All parents, friends, relatives, etc. must report to the School office. Anyone on the campus without a pass us subject to arrest for trespassing.

Church Attendance
Agape Christian Academy is a faith based educational institution of learning. We strive to create a conducive atmosphere of love and respect. Many families, of our school, do not attend church. However, we believe that families that pray together stay together. We would like to encourage you to attend church for spiritual guidance and strength—our doors are always open!

Parent Support Group
There will be times this school year when parents, faculty and other professionals will meet to discuss issues concerning our school and students. This is a support group imitative and not a bickering session. Be listening for more details.

​Drugs & Alcohol Use Policy
Agape’ Christian Schools has an obligation to provide an environment safe from drugs and alcohol.

A. Agape’ Christian Academy reserve the right to do random drug test at any time, on any student or staff member without notice. Failure to comply will result in termination of staff & expulsion of student(s).

B. Any student or staff member found using or in possession of drugs or alcohol on or around the campus will be terminated (staff); and all students will receive an expulsion. 

C. Any student or staff member caught with pills or suspicious drugs will be subject to Search and Seizure and will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. 

Agape Search & Seizure Policy
A. Agape’ Christian Schools has an obligation to provide a safe environment for students, faculty, and parents on campus. Every student that is enrolled at Agape’ Christian Schools must submit to a random search such as book bags, lockers, or any item that has pockets whether on body or not. 

B. The faculty can randomly search any car that has received a registration permit to park on campus for students with two members present. If brought to the staff’s attention that the said student may be transporting weapons, drugs, or any unauthorized visitor(s) on campus. 

C. Any weapons or drugs found on Agape’ Christian Schools property that has been brought by the student, the student will be subject to expulsion. 

D. Any student found promoting gang activity or starting induction to a gang as well as the use of gang signs or graffiti will be forwarded to the Orange County Sheriffs Department. No student is allowed to sell or be under the influence of illegal drugs or misuse of prescribed drugs. This is to include the sharing of prescribed drugs. No student is allowed under any circumstances to possess a weapon of any sort that will cause bodily harm to self, faculty, or parent. Agape’ Christian Schools reserves the right to contact the Orange County Sheriff’s Department for legal action against any student(s). 

E. All female students when searched will be searched by female staff members only. At no time will a male staff member be allowed to search a female student. This is to include the search of pockets either in front, top, or back of the female student that makes contact with the student’s body. Female staff members will be allowed to search female students randomly. All male students will be searched by male staff members only. 

F. Any student refusing to abide by these procedures will be subject to a two-week suspension or expulsion.  

G. Any student arrested must notify the school of any pending allegation(s) or they will be subject to expulsion. All court ordered probations must be reported to the school for evaluation. 

H. Agape Christian Academy reserve the right to do random criminal background checks on any student enrolled in the school. 

This search and seizure policy can be enforced at random and as often as needed while the student is on the property of Agape’ Christian Schools.

Truancy Guidelines
Any student that reports to homeroom after attendance has been taken will be considered truant.

A. Any student reporting to school after homeroom attendance should provide a written letter from the parent or a doctor’s note or letter from an organization that they attended. Students must report to the office prior to going to class. 

B. Three unexcused tardies will result in a one-day detention of the student. If the student does not serve the detention, this will result in a two-day suspension. 

C. Any student missing 21 days or more in a school year will automatically be retained at the same grade level. Mandatory summer school at the expense of the student/parent may be an option for promotion. 

D. The School Administration will take into consideration any medical, living arrangements, or custody disputes. 

E. Any truancy from school due to brushes with the law does not imply retention to the next grade level. Teachers may assign make up work at the teacher’s discretion providing that the student is not found guilty. Judgment to the student serving time will be mandated by the school truancy policy. 

F. Upon reaching 5 days of absence, written and telephonic communication will be made to the parent/ guardian by student affairs. 

Upon reaching 5 days of absence, written and telephonic communication will be made to the parent/ guardian by student affairs.

Certain situations and circumstances may arise that may not be identified in this handbook; however, we reserve the right to make the appropriate decision based on the infraction(s). Additionally, the CEO and founders reserve the right to override disciplinary decisions they deem too light. It is our intent to create and provide a safe Christian atmosphere of learning for all students. We thank you for your cooperation this school year.

Words to live by:
1 Corinthians 8: 2-3: “If anyone thinks he knows all the answers, he is just showing his ignorance. But the person who truly loves God is the one who is open to God’s knowledge.”

Updated: 10/13/2016